Part 1 of Craft Your 1-Minute Introduction – Stop Saying “I’m a Lawyer!”

Frequently Asked Question: What do you do? Frequent Response: I’m a lawyer. Thud. And, perhaps, yawn. Yes, of course, you are a lawyer. But when you answer the question with that one-word answer (or its close cousins, “I’m a litigator” or “I do M and A”) you lose a golden opportunity to stand out from […]

Is Your Law Firm’s Website Getting Results?

How quickly things change. It wasn’t so long ago that prospective clients might ask you whether you had a website. In today’s world, of course, having a website for your law firm is absolutely required. Every lawyer I know has a website and every client expects nothing less. You probably have a website for your […]

When To Say No To A Prospective Client

If you’re eager to grow your book of business, you may be tempted to accept any prospective client you think you can help. While I don’t often recommend saying no to prospects, particularly when they are ready to send you a retainer, it sometimes makes sense to decline a client engagement. Say No When Your […]

The Real Reason Your Client Went To A Competitor

The Truth About Why Your Clients Go to Competitors and The Solution

Have you ever experienced the disappointment of a client leaving your practice only to hire someone else to do a job you know you can do (and maybe do even better)? If you felt abandoned or were left with a bad taste in your mouth, it’s certainly understandable. But if that’s all you were left […]

7 Networking Mistakes That May Be Losing You Clients

You know that networking, whether formal or informal, is one of the very best ways to develop relationships that will lead to a full practice but are you sure you are doing it as effectively as you could be? Check out this list of 7 common networking mistakes you may be making and, starting right […]

How Lawyers Attract More Clients: Specialize, But Stay Vigilant

How Lawyers Attract More Clients: Specialize, But Stay Vigilant

I recently attended a bar association conference for small law firms and solo practitioners. One of the programs I sat in on was a panel discussion entitled “Should I Specialize? What’s Hot and What’s Not.” Although there were three programs to choose from during the 90-minute time slot in which the panel discussion was offered, […]

Want More Clients? Stop Hanging Out With Other Lawyers

Theresa, a client of mine, has been a partner at one of the largest and most prestigious law firms in her state and has been in practice for almost 35 years. She is well-respected for her legal expertise, devotion to clients and the firm, and tenacious work ethic. In the last several years, however, as […]

The Video Game Approach to Bringing in Clients

A subscriber to my website recently issued the following challenge: “I am waiting to see how you use Candy Crush Saga in one of your advice columns.” The “advice column” he was referring to is Tuesday Morning Counsel, my weekly career tip designed exclusively for lawyers. And Candy Crush Saga? Well, this particular lawyer is […]