Business Development

We give lawyers the confidence and know-how to build their books of business

Generating client business is vital to the success of law firms and individual lawyers. The challenge is that law school doesn’t teach business development—and many lawyers shy away from it.

Fortunately, effective business development isn’t magic. It’s a skill like any other, and it can be learned.

Our business development workshops, consulting, and coaching programs educate and support lawyers so they can drive business results for their firms.

How We Help

Firms of all sizes

Our clients include solo practitioners, small and mid-size practices, and Am Law 200 firms. No matter what size your firm is, we’re here to help.


You have goals—we can help you meet them. Our clients are ready to take responsibility for their progress and are motivated to achieve their goals.

Firms planning for growth

We help firms plan for the future by making sure that the next generation of attorneys knows how to generate business successfully.

Business Development Workshops

Lawyers Making Rain™, our signature group business development program, helps lawyers build rainmaking skills by:

  • Taking the mystery out of business development
  • Teaching them principles and practical methods of attracting clients
  • Addressing common obstacles like not having enough time, not enjoying networking events, and not wanting to be “salesy”
  • Energizing and motivating lawyers to be proactive about business development
  • Helping lawyers find a successful approach that is a good fit for them and the firm’s objectives
  • Fostering a business development culture at your firm

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our business and client development plans are customized to your team. The right plan should leverage strengths, align with a lawyer’s personality and values, and account for likes, dislikes, and busy schedules.

Individual Coaching

For lawyers who are ready to take responsibility for their progress and are motivated to achieve their goals quickly, our business development coaching programs provide guidance and support from experienced coaches who also have practiced law.


“I don’t have time to be wining and dining people.”

“I’m an introvert.”

“I’m a lawyer, not a salesperson.”

“If I do good work, clients will hire me.”

“I didn’t grow up in a well-connected family.”

Sound familiar?

We know what you’re going through (and we’ve heard every excuse in the book).

As lawyers, we’ve been there. Our knowledge of the day-to-day realities of working attorneys lets us tailor our services to fit our clients’ specific needs.

Secure The Future of your Law firm

Most attorneys enter the profession to practice law, not to be salespeople. Thankfully, business development skills can be cultivated. You bring the passion and the legal know-how, we bring the nuts and bolts to help you build your future—and together we set your firm up for success. Let’s find the right approach to help you grow. Contact us to get started.