Communication & Team Dynamics

Increase productivity, reduce stress, keep clients happy & retain your top talent

We help lawyers and legal teams improve communication skills so your organization can achieve its mission.

Our business development workshops, consulting, and coaching programs educate and support lawyers so they can drive business results for their firms.

Our Philosophy& Approach

Many workplace challenges, including lukewarm revenues and failure to deliver the highest quality work, can be traced to a breakdown in communication and collaboration among colleagues.

Common Language

Developing a common language is the foundation of good communication. We help facilitate the process and reduce stress, conflict, and turnover. Making sure your lawyers and other team members have the knowledge and tools to work together more effectively is an investment that pays off. Our highly-rated programs give participants the skills and motivation to help achieve your organization’s goals.

Strong Team, Strong Firm

Poor communication can lead to:
  • Unsatisfactory work product
  • Loss of billable hours
  • Stress and conflict
  • Poor client retention
  • Loss of talent
On the flip side, good communication and leadership practices can help build a growth-oriented culture—and ultimately, support law firm profitability and longevity.

Our Programs

TypeCoach Communication System

The TypeCoach Communication System is a model that helps colleagues gain insight into how personality differences affect an individual’s communication preferences. Participants increase their ability to work effectively with people whose preferences and personality styles differ from their own. TypeCoach’s simple, user-friendly online tools give everyone on your team access to practical tips they can use in real-time to smooth communication, increase motivation, and get the job done.

Smart Collaboration Accelerator

In her Washington Post bestseller, Smart Collaboration, Dr. Heidi Gardner, a former McKinsey consultant and Harvard Law and Business School professor, demonstrates that professional services firms gain a competitive edge when they break down practice area silos and increase collaboration among their partners. That’s no easy feat in an industry that has always rewarded lawyers for being protective of their client relationships.

We use the Smart Collaboration Accelerator, a researched-based tool that offers your lawyers personalized insights and practical advice they can use to increase the firm’s revenue, attract and retain the best talent, drive client loyalty, and improve lateral success.

Turn Conflict and Stress into Effective Communication and Collaboration