Anca Munteanu | Turning a Health Crisis Into a Powerful Approach To Deepen Connection With Clients, Colleagues, Family, and Self

Anca Munteanu

Anca Munteanu is the Marketing Director at Moses & Singer LLP, a firm that provides legal services to prominent companies, individuals, and families. In this role, Anca is responsible for overseeing all aspects of marketing and business development.

Anca has a long successful track record of driving growth and building a corporate brand, with expertise in strategic marketing, niche and industry marketing, marketing training for professionals, among many other areas. Before joining Moses & Singer, Anca was a Marketing Director for NRI, Citrin Cooperman, Mahoney Cohen & Company, and Lazar Levine & Felix LLP.

Not even her 25 years of industry experience could prepare Anca for what would happen in 2020: the global pandemic. On top of that, Anca encountered severe health issues that heavily impacted her work and personal life. However, she turned these misfortunes around to shift her priorities, strengthen relationships, and put health first.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Anca Munteanu describes how her work-life changed in 2020
  • Law firms’ recent shift in health and wellness initiatives
  • Is remote work here to stay in the legal industry?
  • Anca talks about current business development and marketing  challenges for law firms
  • How to seek out new opportunities: turn towards your relationships
  • The importance of finding your passion and using that to fuel your day-to-day activities

In this episode…

Across the globe, people have seen their work-life change due to the pandemic. But are these changes permanent? And how do you seek out the good when catastrophe strikes?

For Anca Munteanu, it’s all about strengthening relationships, putting self-care first, and using passion to drive your work. In addition to the shock of a global pandemic, Anca had to undergo brain surgery at the beginning of 2020. This event forced her to reflect and shift her priorities. Instead of overworking herself, Anca found that it benefitted everyone (clients included) to implement a more wellness-centered work-life balance. Her advice to lawyers? Don’t put off the health of yourself, your clients, and your business when a crisis hits — use it to deepen the connection of your network and lift each other up.

In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is joined by Anca Munteanu, the Marketing Director at Moses & Singer, to talk about turning crisis into opportunity. Anca shares her personal story of turning a health scare into powerful personal development, how to continue developing amidst the pandemic, and the value of integrating wellness practices into your daily life.

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