Anna McGrane | Embracing Legal Technology: Serve Your Clients, Improve Your Operations, and Give Your Firm a Competitive Advantage

anna-mcgraneAnna McGrane is a former practicing lawyer and the current COO and Co-founder of PacerPro, a workflow automation and experience capture platform. PacerPro has become the standard for BigLaw and leading litigation boutiques when it comes to integrating federal court data into workflow and knowledge systems.

Anna speaks frequently on issues of law, technology, enterprise change management, workflow, and clean data capture. She has been featured in Lawyers Who Code and “Women of Legal Tech” and is an organizing member of the NYU Law & Tech community.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What prompted Anna McGrane and her cofounder to start their automation platform, PacerPro?
  • Anna’s transition from a lawyer with no technology background to the Co-founder of a leading tech company
  • Consultative selling and Anna’s experience hearing “no”
  • Is the legal industry becoming more open to changes in technology and innovation?
  • Anna talks about CLOC and how they help law firms operate like businesses
  • The challenges that arise when lawyers and tech experts collaborate
  • Anna’s suggestions for law firm leaders who want to bring innovation into their practices

In this episode…

Historically, integrating innovation into the legal industry has always been a challenge. Whenever a new technology emerges, lawyers (and firms) at large are usually hesitant to try it out, and some even cling to their old workflows—regardless of how inefficient this makes them.

When it comes to new technology, you could be saving time, money, and most importantly, stress! So, why is the legal industry so slow to innovate? Former practicing lawyer and current legal tech expert Anna McGrane has a few ideas.

In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge, Elise Holtzman sits down with the Co-founder and COO of PacerPro, Anna McGrane, to talk about how technology can streamline and enhance BigLaw. Together, they chat about the features of Anna’s automation platform, whether or not the legal industry is becoming more open to innovation, and Anna’s suggestions for law firm leaders who are ready to introduce new tech into their practices.

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