Anushree Bagrodia | Being Intentional About Career Development, from India to the UK to the USA

Anushree_BagrodiAnushree Bagrodia is a Vice President for Mastercard and the Lead Lawyer for Mastercard’s Legal Transformation department. She leads a global cross-functional team to identify and implement contract processes, technology, system efficiency, and transformation. Anushree has held several roles for Mastercard between New York and London and has also worked in mergers and acquisitions and commercial transactions at Sidley Austin’s London office.

In addition to her work as Vice President, Anushree has volunteered her time as Chair of the Mastercard UK Women Leadership Network. She is currently an active member of the Asian American Bar Association of New York and sits on the Finance Committee of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD).


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Anushree Bagrodia’s thoughts on transformation in the legal industry and her role at Mastercard
  • How Anushree advanced her career: intentional risk-taking
  • Anushree talks about the importance of mentorship and what a good mentor/mentee relationship looks like
  • The role that curiosity has played in Anushree’s organizational involvement
  • Anushree discusses the current trends in the legal industry
  • Anushree shares her curse of knowledge—and why building authentic relationships is key
  • How to get in touch with Anushree Bagrodia

In this episode…

How did you decide on your career path? Did you seek out advice from a trusted mentor? Maybe you knew someone who was also a lawyer and felt an attraction to the field? Or, did you simply say “yes” to every opportunity that presented itself to you?

Anushree Bagrodia has traveled far and wide throughout her career, handling different roles at each turn. Her work has taken her from India to London, and then to New York—and while she admits that there was a fair bit of risk-taking involved in her decision-making, she also believes that there was another element at play each time she met a fork in the road: intention.

Listen to this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge as Elise Holtzman is joined by Anushree Bagrodia, Vice President and Lead of Legal Transformation at Mastercard, to talk about making deliberate moves for your career. They discuss Anushree’s role at Mastercard, how she ended up where she is today, and the mentor who helped her along the way. Plus, they chat about current legal industry trends and Anushree’s curse of knowledge. Stay tuned.

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