Audrey Miller | Why and How To Support Your Law Firm’s Revenue Enablers

Audrey MillerAudrey Miller is an Operational Excellence Consultant at Calibrate, an executive search and organizational consultancy helping law firms optimize their talent, processes, and performance. Calibrate offers executive search and talent management operations strategies like business assessments, analytics and implementation, and leadership advice to help law firms reach their fullest potential in revenue, operations, and growth.

As a strategic advisor to law firm leaders, Audrey helps business services teams enhance efficiencies and collaboration, improve the alignment of structure, roles, and accountability, and identify and communicate ROI. Before joining Calibrate, she spent over a decade in marketing and business development at various firms ranging from a top Am Law 100 firm to a litigation boutique. In these roles, Audrey developed and implemented initiatives to strengthen client relationships and grow firm revenue.

She partners with key stakeholders to evaluate and optimize people, processes, and systems, boosting the performance of legal marketing and business development teams. With broad experience, practical guidance, and a results-oriented approach, Audrey instructs law firms on the practicalities and importance of supporting revenue enablers.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Significant operational and leadership trends in the legal industry
  • The barriers to hiring C-level executives
  • Who are revenue enablers, and how can they shape law firm success?
  • How to acquire and set expectations with revenue enablers
  • Audrey Miller addresses the gap between managing partners and law firm administrators
  • Foundational hiring strategies for small to midsize firms
  • Audrey’s closing advice for optimizing revenue enablers

In this episode…

Many law firm leaders resist the prospect of outsourcing C-level executives to manage firm operations. Yet those same attorneys typically lack the time and effort required to drive strategy and growth, reducing consistent revenue generation and limiting the growth of the firm. How can law firm leaders collaborate with executives to optimize revenue, operations, and performance?

According to law firm performance driver Audrey Miller, legal marketers, business developers, and other executives are revenue enablers who leverage their expertise to manage firm operations, allowing attorneys to focus on their strengths. When acquiring these professionals, firm leaders must consider their revenue and operational goals to fill relevant positions. Communicating expectations with these executives and allowing them to develop relationships with firm members and understand current practice operations is crucial for success.

In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman sits down with Audrey Miller, the Operational Excellence Consultant at Calibrate, to discuss how law firm leaders can work with “revenue enablers” to optimize performance. Audrey addresses foundational hiring considerations for small to midsize firms, pertinent operational and leadership trends in the legal industry, and the knowledge gap between managing partners and law firm administrators.

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