Ben Lieber | Building a Virtual Law Firm a Decade Before the Pandemic: Insights on Navigating the “New Normal”

ben-lieber Ben Lieber is the Founder and Managing Partner of Potomac Law Group, an all-remote national law firm with an innovative approach to law firm management and technology. Ben has wide-ranging experience in both business and law, having practiced as a Strategy Consultant at McKinsey & Company, a Tax Attorney at Covington & Burling, and General Counsel of several private companies before founding Potomac Law Group in 2011.

Ben received his bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Cornell University and his J.D. from Georgetown University, where he was a member of the Georgetown Law Journal.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Ben Lieber’s reaction to the remote work transition in the legal industry—and why law has been so resistant to virtual work
  • What motivated Ben to start his remote law firm nearly a decade ago?
  • Why the virtual model has worked so well for Potomac Law Group
  • The role technology has played in the firm’s success
  • Fostering company culture with an all-remote team
  • The biggest lessons Ben has learned in his career
  • Ben’s advice to law firm leaders and attorneys who are transitioning to a virtual workplace
  • How to connect with Ben Lieber

In this episode…

With the pandemic forcing many industries to change the way they work, the legal industry has had to scramble to find ways to continue providing clients with quality service and representation from their own homes. For many law firms, learning how to operate in a virtual world has been a new and challenging obstacle in 2020.

However, this isn’t all that new for some: Ben Lieber created a firm with a virtual model before COVID-19 ever happened—10 years before, to be exact. So, what is Ben’s advice to law firm leaders and attorneys who are currently faced with the challenge of transitioning to remote work?

Elise Holtzman is joined by Ben Lieber, the Founder and Managing Partner of Potomac Law Group, in this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge. Together, they discuss the legal industry’s current transition to remote work and what inspired Ben to shift to a virtual workplace almost 10 years ago. Ben also talks about the role technology has played in his law firm’s success and the lessons he has learned along the way. Keep listening!

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