Brandie Knox | How to Better Serve Clients and Colleagues by Marrying Design and Technology

Brandie Knox Brandie Knox is the Principal and Creative Director of Knox Design Strategy, a branding and design studio based in New York City. Today, Knox Design Strategy works with more than 30 law firm clients, creating designs that meet the firm’s goals. According to Brandie, a pretty design that doesn’t help clients compete is futile. Great design is useful, effective, strategic, and technology-driven.

Brandie earned her MFA from East Carolina University, where she also served on the faculty as an Assistant Professor. In 2002, Brandie moved to New York and started a small design agency, where she worked on her first law firm website as well as projects for General Electric, the Bank of New York, and Johnson & Johnson.

Brandie went on to join the design team for Shearman & Sterling, a renowned firm with more than 850 attorneys in offices around the world. In her five years there, she developed experience and expertise in every aspect of legal marketing and design for law firms. A longtime member of the Legal Marketing Association, Brandie was the 2020 Chair of the New York Local Group and led the organization through the beginning of the pandemic.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Brandie Knox explains why law firms should invest in technologies like intranets, extranets, and custom financial dashboards
  • How can custom dashboards, tools, and technologies add value to your firm?
  • Brandie shares how Knox Design Strategy works with clients to develop winning solutions
  • Do law firms need to hire more people that can implement technologies?
  • The importance of design when implementing and developing technologies
  • How Brandie’s law firm experience helps her guide other firms through the digital branding, strategy, and design process
  • Custom tools and dashboards Knox Design Strategy helps clients build
  • Brandie’s advice for law firms: you don’t need to have the answer right away

In this episode…

When most people think of design, they think of visuals like colors, fonts, and imagery. These elements are important, but great design is more than what meets the eye. Design should reflect a firm’s brand and create a pleasant, engaging experience. When coupled with technology, design elevates the user experience, allowing for efficient, flexible, and customizable processes.

Brandie Knox has been working with law firms for over two decades, guiding them through the design process and helping them implement technologies like intranets, extranets, custom dashboards, and management systems. Especially as the digital world evolves and more companies continue working remotely, Brandie says it’s crucial that firms invest in design and technology. Not only do these strategies create more efficient and easy-to-use systems, but they promote your firm’s culture and help you differentiate from the crowd.

In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman sits down with Brandie Knox, Principal and Creative Director of Knox Design Strategy, to talk about how design and technology can help you better serve your clients. Brandie shares how technology can help firms achieve a variety of goals, why customization is key, and why design is a crucial component in the implementation and development of technologies and systems.

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