Chaim Book | Strategies for Building Your Network and Staying Flexible

Chaim-BookChaim Book is the Co-Founder and Head of Employment Law Practice at Moskowitz & Book, an employment law, white-collar criminal defense, and commercial litigation firm based in New York. Alongside his co-founder Avi Moskowitz, Chaim has successfully headed the firm for the last 24 years.

In addition to being named a New York City Super Lawyer by his peers, Chaim is also a storied mediator and advisor. He has worked with a number of nonprofit and religious organizations throughout his career, representing more than 50 synagogues, churches, and religious schools.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why Chaim Book started his own practice alongside his partner, Avi Moskowitz, and how they zeroed in on their niche
  • Should you be afraid to choose one focus area when creating your firm?
  • The importance of befriending both allies and adversaries
  • How to maximize your networking opportunities
  • Chaim’s LinkedIn best practices and why he prioritizes a culture of giving
  • The secrets behind Chaim and Avi’s 24-year success
  • How Chaim handles tricky situations with difficult clients
  • Chaim’s final advice: Make time for yourself outside of your career path

In this episode…

Whether you’re a big law firm with endless practice areas or a small boutique practice that focuses on a single niche, it takes a lot of determination, communication, and strategy to succeed in the long run.

For Chaim Book, the integral element of success for his practice is one that’s often overlooked by large and small law firms alike: flexibility. Chaim and his Co-Founder Avi Moskowitz have successfully run their employment law firm, Moskowitz & Book, for the last 24 years—longer than some marriages. That’s because they prioritized flexibility without compromising their core values and goals.

In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman sits down with Moskowitz & Book Co-Founder and Head of Employment Law Practice, Chaim Book, to talk about the necessary strategies for success in law. Chaim shares his thoughts on LinkedIn and the purpose of networking, how Moskowitz & Book has prospered for the last 24 years, and the importance of building relationships with both your confidants and your competition. Keep listening.

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