Cole Silver | How Younger Lawyers Are Changing the Profession and Why Senior Lawyers Need To Pay Attention

Cole Silver

Cole Silver is the Chief Client Officer at Blank Rome, an Am Law 100 firm that provides a full range of legal and advocacy services to clients worldwide.

Before going in-house, Cole ran his own multi-state law firm called The Silver Law Group. For over 25 years, he served as General Counsel to several high-growth companies, providing an insider’s view of clients’ real-world concerns and a unique market perspective that drives business and client growth.

Cole has also authored books and trained hundreds of professionals in the areas of client development and service, helping them transform their business and impact.

To succeed in this climate, Cole advises that the older generation must pay attention to the trends and adapt like their innovative younger counterparts. As the Chief Client Officer at Blank Rome, Cole provides strategic guidance to lawyers, ensuring that the client experience is memorable and exceeds their expectations in value, delivery, and results.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Cole Silver discusses industry trends and how they’re impacting law firms
  • The three areas you need to invest in to succeed: technology, culture, and clients
  • Generational differences in the law industry and beyond
  • How should older lawyers and their law firms plan for succession?
  • Why clients are your biggest competitors
  • Cole shares what innovative firms are doing to prosper
  • Cole’s most significant piece of advice for lawyers: adapt and strategize quickly

In this episode…

There are many trends directly impacting the law industry, including technological advancements, generational conflicts, as well as social, political, and cultural changes. So, what actions can your firm take to stay on top of these trends? And how can you continue driving change within your field?

According to Cole Silver, younger, forward-thinking lawyers are succeeding because they’re able to adapt. The older generations who are more resistant to change risk losing employees, clients, and the future of their business. But what can these younger and older generations learn from each other? For Cole, it’s all about engaging with employees, receiving feedback, and training new leaders to build an enduring firm.

In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge, Elise Holtzman talks with Cole Silver, Chief Client Officer of Blank Rome, about the importance of innovation. Cole discusses the ways your firm can adapt to changes, where to invest in your business, and why your clients are more valuable now than ever before. Plus, Cole shares his tips on bridging generational leadership differences while being open to industry developments. Stay tuned.

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