Dina Mastellone | Bar Association Involvement Can Accelerate Career and Business Development Success

Dina Mastellone

Dina Mastellone is the Partner and Chair of the Human Resources Counseling & Compliance Group at Genova Burns LLC. She is also a member of the Employment Law & Litigation and Criminal Defense, Investigations & Compliance practice groups.

At Genova Burns LLC, Dina works with regional and national clients, counseling them on employment matters and auditing human resources policies, handbooks, and procedures. She has extensive experience training businesses on issues involving anti-harassment, diversity policy compliance, best human resources practices, hiring, and much more.

Dina has held various positions with the New Jersey State Bar Association and the New Jersey Women Lawyers Association, where she further became an advocate for mentoring and advancing women lawyers and increasing the involvement of women in professional and charitable organizations. As a leader within these associations, Dina is here to show how they can benefit lawyers at any level in their careers.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dina Mastellone discusses the relevance of bar associations and how they can help your career
  • How Dina shifted from being a member of the bar association to assuming leadership roles
  • How to lead the next generation of lawyers
  • What Dina learned at the bar association
  • Dina’s tips for business development
  • The challenges Dina faced in her career and how she found her voice in a male-dominated firm
  • Dina’s final piece of advice: get involved

In this episode…

Is the bar association still relevant today? According to Dina Mastellone, there are many benefits for lawyers who get involved in bar associations. So what are these benefits, and how can they help you build your business?

For Dina, joining industry associations helped her find friends and colleagues in her field and led to some fantastic opportunities. However, you should join an organization you are passionate about; this will allow you to be fully present in your career while gaining visibility to those outside of your firm. Dina’s most impactful piece of advice for lawyers? Get involved and show up, even if it scares you.

In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman has a conversation with Dina Mastellone, Partner and Chair of Human Resources Counseling & Compliance Group at Genova Burns LLC. Dina explains why everyone should join an association, what she learned through her journey in a male-dominated field, and how lawyers can develop their reputation and build their business. Stay tuned!

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