Dr. Lauren Tashman | Using the Science of Sports Performance to Help Business Leaders Succeed

Dr-Lauren-TashmanDr. Lauren Tashman is a Performance Coach and the Founder of Align Performance, an organization focused on helping clients learn the science behind mindset, leadership, and team culture in order to better align their performance with their potential. She is also a Master Coach for Valor Performance and an expert in the science of performance coaching.

Dr. Tashman’s background is in sports psychology and performance, and she currently teaches graduate sports psychology courses at John F. Kennedy University. Dr. Tashman has also co-edited three books and written countless articles in her areas of expertise.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What Dr. Lauren Tashman does as a mental performance coach
  • How Dr. Tashman’s background in sports psychology influences her work with corporate leaders and teams
  • Dr. Tashman talks about the performance challenges that she sees in the business sector
  • Distinguishing between internal and external confidence and why Dr. Tashman defines confidence as a belief
  • Dr. Tashman’s top two focus points when first working with a client
  • Perfectionism: is it good or bad?
  • The difference between good performers and good leaders
  • How Dr. Tashman helps her clients combat the curse of knowledge
  • Where to get in touch with Dr. Lauren Tashman

In this episode…

You may be the most successful lawyer at your firm, the highest-grossing salesperson at your company, or the player with the most points on your team. But, once you advance to a leadership role, how do these skills carry over? Do they play a role in your new position, or do you need to gain some new expertise?

Although you may not know it, there is a lot of psychology behind being a leader. High performers aren’t necessarily natural-born leaders, and the two roles require vastly different skill sets—including some that you may not have acquired in your initial position. According to Dr. Lauren Tashman, what’s important here isn’t necessarily that you immediately know what you’re doing; what matters is your intention.

Join Elise Holtzman in this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge as she sits down to talk with the Founder of Align Performance, Dr. Lauren Tashman. Dr. Tashman discusses her work as a mental performance coach, the different kinds of confidence that play a role in your success, and the way perfectionism can both help and hurt you. Stay tuned as they explore leadership and how to navigate the shift from being a good performer to a great leader.

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