Dr. Michelle Stein Teer | The Art of Persuasion: How to Have More Impact in a Virtual World

Dr-Michelle-Stein-TeerDr. Michelle Stein Teer is the Founder and Director of Rhetoric Academy, a professional training and coaching organization that specializes in effective communication and rhetoric skills. In addition to this, Dr. Stein Teer is the Head of the Rhetoric Art prestigious Executive Program at IDC in Herzliya, Israel, and a scholar and professor of Political Rhetoric and Cognitive Psychology at the Schools of Communication and Business at IDC, Bar-Ilan University, and Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Stein Teer is a renowned feminist and an establishing Co-partner of Supersonas, an organization focused on creating a balanced presence of women at all decision-making levels and leadership positions. She also co-founded the groundbreaking She Speaks academy, which certified 400 women lecturers in the art of rhetoric within two years.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dr. Michelle Stein Teer discusses how working from home has impacted our ability to communicate effectively
  • Dr. Stein Teer’s tips for overcoming Zoom fatigue
  • Verbal and nonverbal messages—and why behavior is not math
  • The importance of strengthening your rhetoric (and courage) muscle
  • The differences in rhetoric between men and women
  • Dr. Stein Teer’s recommendations for upgrading your rhetoric and speaking skills as a woman
  • What Dr. Stein Teer does before every single presentation
  • How to connect with Dr. Michelle Stein Teer

In this episode…

Have you heard the phrase “Zoom fatigue”? Odds are, you have—and you’ve probably experienced it first-hand. With COVID-19 forcing offices to transition to a remote work model, most, if not all, of our communication has shifted to Zoom and other digital platforms. But, with video conferencing becoming more commonplace and even mandatory, many of us are starting to feel drained from this new form of communication.

According to rhetoric expert Dr. Michelle Stein Teer, that’s because one hour on Zoom equals four hours in a classroom or office. Dr. Stein Teer believes that if we’re going to be using these kinds of tools to interact with one another, we need to start learning how to communicate effectively in the virtual realm.

Join Elise Holtzman in this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge as she sits down with Dr. Michelle Stein Teer, the Founder and Director of Rhetoric Academy. Dr. Stein Teer shares her expertise in effective communication and rhetoric, including her tips on how women can speak more fruitfully in public. Together, they also discuss the importance of communication, why rhetoric is something that requires practice, and how everyone can start improving their speaking skills today.

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