Elise Holtzman | How to Ask for the Business without Being Salesy

elise-holtzmanElise Holtzman is an experienced attorney, a certified professional coach, and the founder of The Lawyer’s Edge, a boutique firm that provides professional development services to individual attorneys and legal organizations.

Elise has a J.D. from Columbia Law School. She practiced commercial real estate transactional law before shifting her focus to empowering lawyers as they navigate their growing careers.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Elise Holtzman explains how, in the last couple of generations, law has changed from a “gentleman’s profession” to a business
  • Elise discusses the mindset shift that is necessary for business development
  • How to avoid the commodity trap
  • Elise gives her tips on how to stand out without undercutting your business
  • Elise’s advice for quoting your prices with authority and confidence
  • How to seal the deal without high pressure sales
  • Where to connect with Elise Holtzman

In this episode…

When we think about sales, it’s easy to only focus on the negative connotations: the used car sales person, or the telemarketer who calls at all hours of the day, to name a couple. But in the ever-evolving landscape of law, it’s important now more than ever to learn how to market and sell your services.

That’s why Elise Holtzman, founder and president of The Lawyer’s Edge, wants to help burgeoning lawyers level up their business without feeling pushy or overbearing. She assists her clients with mastering the skills they didn’t learn in law school: namely, how to be a successful sales person.

On this week’s episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise is interviewed by Rise25 co-founder, Smart Business Revolution podcast founder, and business networking expert John Corcoran about the importance of clearly and professionally selling your services. Elise and John get into the nitty gritty of quoting your prices with confidence, avoiding the commodity trap, and being okay with letting certain clients walk away. Stay tuned.

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This episode is brought to you by The Lawyers’ Edge, a firm based in the New York metropolitan area that Elise Holtzman founded in 2008 to help lawyers become skilled business developers and leaders so that they can grow their practices, retain top talent, and step confidently into leadership roles.

The firm offers customized coaching, consulting, and training programs such as their signature business development program, Lawyers Making Rain.

Now more than ever, it’s not enough to just do good work and hope your law firm will thrive. And no matter how smart and hard-working you are, it can be time-consuming and overwhelming to figure it all out by yourself.

To learn more about how we help lawyers become rainmakers and leaders go to TheLawyersEdge.com or email us at podcast@TheLawyersEdge.com.

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