Emily Hirsekorn | How To Develop Self-Confidence at Every Stage of Your Career

Emily Hirsekorn

Emily Hirsekorn is a Career Confidence Coach at Hirsekorn Coaching, where she helps lawyers and law students confidently navigate their careers, develop as conscious leaders, and live balanced lives.

After practicing law, Emily quickly moved into law school career development, where she helped hundreds of mid-career and emerging lawyers navigate their careers and confidence over the course of seven years. In January of 2020, she felt compelled to coach others in transforming their lives, so she created Hirsekorn Coaching. Since then, she’s helped countless people make decisions consciously and confidently.

Emily’s work is rooted in Positive Psychology’s hope theory and iPEC’s energy leadership principles, designed to help people shift their energy and start to live on their terms. Whether you’re figuring out the next steps in your law career, battling self-doubt, or looking to develop a healthy work-life balance, Emily knows precisely how to guide you through any stage of your career.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why does confidence matter?
  • Emily Hirsekorn discusses the challenges at each career stage
  • The importance of shifting your mindset to embrace new opportunities
  • How Emily helps people combat imposter syndrome
  • What can you do to boost your career confidence?
  • How “should” gets in the way of taking action and getting what you want
  • The power of identifying values and letting them drive your decisions
  • Why self-care is crucial for sustainable success

In this episode…

When you’re feeling imposter syndrome or self-doubt creep in, it may be time to focus on a critical element of success: confidence. Building this trait is easier said than done, but Emily Hirsekorn is here to guide you through her strategies. So, what can you do to eliminate self-doubt, boost confidence, and grow your legal career?

Lawyers tend to stay in their comfort zones and avoid taking risks, but this can leave many feeling unsatisfied with their career growth — or lack thereof. No matter the stage of your career, when your confidence wanes and you’re feeling stuck, Emily says it’s vital to shift your mindset. Recognize the opportunities in front of you, acknowledge the small wins, and let that energize your confidence. To effectively initiate change, you have to gain a fresh perspective about learning and growth: the unknown can be exciting.

In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman sits down with Emily Hirsekorn, Career Confidence Coach at Hirsekorn Coaching, to talk about why confidence matters. Emily shares how lacking confidence impacts performance, why it’s essential to root yourself in a set of values, and her five strategies to boost confidence and achieve the career you desire.

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