Gina Zapanta | No Excuses: The Power of Investing in Yourself and Others

Gina ZapantaGina Zapanta is the Co-founder and Partner of Z.A. Lawyers, a firm dedicated to protecting injured workers’ rights. She is also the CEO of AlderLaw and the Founder of Empowered with Gina, a platform for women to embrace empowerment. Passionate about helping others empower themselves through education, motivation, and community-building, Gina offers events and wellness retreats for women to embrace their power and live life on their terms.

As an advocate for employees and injured people, she has experience in contracting, healthcare management, and personal injury strategic partnership development. Gina served a two-term appointment on the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association’s Board of Retirement and was appointed to the California Organized Investment Network Commission by the California Insurance Commission.

Dedicated to addressing education and food insecurities in underserved communities, Gina and her husband established a $100,000 endowment at Loyola Law School Los Angeles for a first-generation Latina to attend law school. She also contributes to many other causes to help further access to quality education and additional opportunities. Through her charitable contributions, Gina demonstrates the value of investing in yourself and others.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why did Gina Zapanta establish various endowments and programs, and who benefits from them?
  • How Gina’s charitable contributions impact herself and others
  • The benefits of women’s empowerment programs
  • Gina describes her role at Z.A. Lawyers
  • What is Gina’s authentic approach to marketing her law firm?
  • Lawyers’ barriers to delegation
  • Advice for attorneys to make a meaningful difference
  • How to be empowered in your personal and professional life

In this episode…

If you think you’re too busy to devote time and attention to having a deep impact on your own life and the lives of others, think again! Meet Gina Zapanta, a practicing attorney and the Founder of Empowered with Gina.

With an unwavering commitment to community empowerment, self-empowered lawyer Gina Zapanta has created programs and endowments to offer transformational opportunities to motivated women and lawyers. Making a consequential difference in the community begins by helping yourself; you must remain accountable for your actions and decisions and develop your ideal life to achieve self-love. In addition to self-satisfaction, charitable contributions allow you to market your law firm authentically, developing a mission that extends beyond the scope of traditional law.

Listen in as Elise Holtzman, host of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, interviews Gina about how to invest in yourself and others through community involvement and a fierce devotion to pursuing success and bringing others with you. Gina doesn’t pull any punches as she shares the benefits of women’s empowerment programs, the typical barriers to freeing up time for what you really want, and how to empower yourself personally and professionally.

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