Jay Linder | Focus on Talent: How Law Firms Can Thrive in Uncertain Times

jay-linderJay Linder is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, a law firm with 16 offices around the world. With over 20 years of legal industry experience, Jay provides balanced direction related to brand reputation, client engagement, content marketing, creative services, and internal and external communication strategies. As a leader of Cleary Gottlieb’s global marketing and business development function, Jay is focused on attracting, developing, retaining, and empowering talent to grow their careers while advancing the firm’s goals.

Outside of his work for Cleary Gottlieb, Jay is a proud volunteer for autism and special needs advocacy efforts in New York City, prioritizing aid for fathers and male caregivers.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jay Linder talks about Cleary Gottlieb’s transition to a remote workforce
  • The challenges and opportunities that Jay’s team has experienced this year—and how he’s helping them stay effective
  • Are law firms in the relationship business or the talent business?
  • Jay’s strategies for talent development
  • Why it’s important for business development and marketing and communications to work hand-in-hand
  • Using marketing tools to encourage commercial behavior
  • The two categories that Jay will be focusing on for his team going into the new year
  • Jay’s “curse of knowledge”
  • How to connect with Jay Linder

In this episode…

It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has shifted our day-to-day lives. Everything from going to the grocery store to connecting with others is a different experience than it used to be. For lawyers, however, the daily activity that has been affected most by the pandemic is the way we work.

Jay Linder’s law office transitioned into a remote workforce early on in the year. With the increased desire to stay connected with one another during a time of turmoil, the added element of humanity that crisis has brought to the world at large, and help from technology like Zoom, Jay believes the transition was for the better. But does this mean that the way the legal industry works has changed for good?

Join Elise Holtzman and Jay Linder, the Director of Marketing and Communications at Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, in this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge as they talk about the different challenges and opportunities that the legal industry has faced this year. Jay shares his thoughts on law as a relationship business, his techniques for talent development, and what he is keeping in mind for the year to come.

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