Joe Giovannoli | The Importance of Culture and the Role of SEO in Law Firm Marketing

joe-giovannoliJoe Giovannoli is the founder and CEO of 9Sail, a digital marketing firm that specializes in project-based and ongoing SEO management for service firms. Joe has almost 10 years of marketing experience, having previously held positions at firms and agencies such as Red Clover and Inflexion Interactive.

With 9Sail, Joe focuses not only on providing quality service and results for his clients, but also prioritizing the company culture for his team. Alongside the office pup, Dunkin, Joe is working to make 9Sail the leading provider of search marketing services for law firms in New Jersey.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why Joe Giovannoli named his digital marketing firm “9Sail” (hint: it has to do with a blog recipe)
  • The “why” behind 9Sail’s company culture
  • How Joe handles clients who aren’t a good fit
  • The hurdles Joe had to overcome when founding 9Sail
  • How has having a niche been a game changer for Joe?
  • What law firm leaders need to know about digital marketing in order to bring in more clients
  • Why both B2C and B2B firms should prioritize their website content
  • Joe talks about his framework surrounding “Content is King”
  • The importance of having a robust sales process beyond lead generation
  • How to get in contact with Joe Giovannoli

In this episode…

When building your company, it’s important to provide a useful service to your clients and remain attentive to their needs. However, focusing solely on the requirements of your clientele may cause you to forget about the other important component of your business: your team.

9Sail founder and CEO Joe Giovannoli believes that creating an effective company culture revolves around determining your “why.” According to Joe, when you work with people whose purpose and motivation aligns with your own, the outcome is a holistic and collaborative process that delivers better results to your clients. This is the foundation that has helped Joe rapidly grow his digital marketing firm to new and exceptional heights.

In this week’s episode of The Lawyer’s Edge, host Elise Holtzman sits down with Joe Giovannoli of 9Sail to talk about the importance of crafting an intentional company culture at your law firm. They chat about letting clients go who aren’t a good fit for your company, how to find the “why” behind your business, and what lawyers need to know about digital marketing. Stay tuned.

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