John Hinson | How To Use Referral Marketing To Generate Business

John HinsonJohn Hinson is the Editorial Director at Spotlight Branding, which offers content marketing for financial and law firms. In his role, he oversees the company’s marketing strategy, including lead generation, content creation, and production. John creates content for Spotlight Insider by writing blogs, hosting The Law Firm Marketing Minute and Center Stage podcasts, managing social media platforms, and producing videos.

As a legal content marketer and editorial expert, John has nearly 10 years of experience helping solo and other small firms build their businesses through content. He focuses on helping law firms leverage referral marketing to attract ideal clients. John also builds his personal brand as an independent author of memoirs and historical nonfiction.

With a wealth of experience as a creative marketing professional, John knows how to employ referral marketing with specialized content to generate business for attorneys and law firms.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How legal marketing trends are impacting law firms 
  • The challenges of competing for search engine rankings
  • John Hinson talks about optimizing the traditional legal marketing funnel
  • Why boosting referrals is invaluable — and how to acquire clients through referrals
  • John explains the importance of top-of-mind awareness
  • How to generate the right types of clients through specialized content 
  • Is email marketing still effective, and how can you grow your email list? 

In this episode…

The legal industry is recognizing the growing need for content marketing to acquire new clients. However, many law firms are unsure of the content forms they should create, and as a result, they often resort to traditional billboard marketing strategies. With so much engaging content in the market, how can attorneys stand out and stay top of mind with their clients?

As a legal content marketing expert, John Hinson emphasizes the benefits of referral marketing. Yet most law firms don’t maximize their referrals effectively. A study conducted by Texas Tech found that 80% of law firms are willing to refer other businesses, but only 30% take the initiative. John recommends doubling your referrals by writing blog posts with relevant, evergreen information addressing common questions and issues. You can elevate this top-of-mind awareness by creating niche content and customizing your messaging to your precise audience. This can also be accomplished through email newsletters that deliver value and inspire action.

In today’s episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman sits down with John Hinson, the Editorial Director at Spotlight Branding, to discuss referral marketing strategies to build your law firm. John talks about the problem of competing for search engine rankings, refining the traditional marketing funnel, and how to build an email list. 

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