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jonathan-lupkinJonathan Lupkin is a litigator, trial lawyer, and bowtie aficionado who has been practicing law for over 25 years. During his storied career, he’s served as Chair of the Commercial and Federal Litigation Section of the New York State Bar Association and has been named one of the Top 100 attorneys in the New York metropolitan area by SuperLawyers. After working at firms both big and small, Jonathan decided to build his own practice, Lupkin PLLC.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jonathan Lupkin talks about one of the ways he stands out in law: his bow ties
  • Jonathan’s transition from a big firm to a boutique practice
  • The difference between a business that practices law and a profession that happens to run a business
  • Jonathan talks about being the best when doing things his way
  • Why Jonathan finds the concept of billable hours troubling
  • The difficulties behind starting and managing your own firm
  • Jonathan talks about the mentors he’s had and how they’ve helped him become the lawyer he is today
  • Jonathan’s advice to younger lawyers
  • Where to connect with Jonathan Lupkin

In this episode…

Law as a profession can be intimidating, especially for younger lawyers on the scene. There’s a lot to learn, challenges to come up against, and arguments to be had. But what if you had more choice than you thought? What if there were more ways than one to practice law successfully?

Jonathan Lupkin of Lupkin PLLC is a big believer in controlling your own destiny. After learning what he didn’t want early on in his career as a lawyer in a big firm, Jonathan is an expert at saying no to the opportunities that don’t align with his values.

In this episode, Elise interviews Jonathan Lupkin about breaking with the pack and starting his own boutique firm. Tune in as Jonathan discusses his thoughts on big firms versus boutique practices, the challenges he faced when doing things his own way, and the importance of mentorship at any stage of your career.

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Now more than ever, it’s not enough to just do good work and hope your law firm will thrive. And no matter how smart and hard-working you are, it can be time-consuming and overwhelming to figure it all out by yourself.

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