Leslee Cohen | How To Become a Rainmaker and Leader on Your Own Terms

Leslee Cohen

Leslee Cohen is the Founding Partner of AllRise Lawyers, a boutique law firm in Chicago founded 11 years ago that helps startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses with their early-stage fundraises, day-to-day contract needs, and mergers and acquisitions.

Leslee has over 20 years of experience as a corporate and securities lawyer. Before co-founding her firm, Leslee spent seven years on Wall Street and 13 years at a large law firm in Chicago, where she formed and led the Women’s Initiative.

In addition to providing sophisticated legal advice at fair rates, the team at AllRise cares tremendously about each other and their clients. The firm’s six lawyers are all women seizing the opportunity to do high-level legal work while continuing to be hands-on moms, daughters, sisters, wives, and friends.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Leslee Cohen talks about her journey from law school to Wall Street to founding her own firm
  • How Leslee chose the name of her firm
  • AllRise Lawyers’ flexible business model serves both clients and employees
  • How Leslee developed her business — and her advice to other lawyers looking to bring value to their firm
  • The importance of the Coalition of Women’s Initiatives in Law
  • Leslee’s vision for the future of AllRise Lawyers
  • The secret to building confidence as a new lawyer

In this episode…

What does it take to become a Rainmaker? How can you deliver value and build your book of business, even if you’re just starting out?

When Leslee Cohen began developing her firm, she realized that she was not alone in her journey; many other leaders fear the challenges of building a business. Now, as a successful founder, Leslee is here to share the steps she took to overcome self-doubt and grow her firm. For Leslee, the most important ways to gain confidence and develop your business are through networking, focusing on your unique selling proposition, and getting involved in industry organizations.

In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge, Elise Holtzman is joined by Leslee Cohen, Founding Partner of AllRise Lawyers, to talk about developing leadership skills and building a book of business. Leslee shares how her firm is empowering others, advice for other lawyers looking to grow, and the best practices for delivering value to your clients. Stay tuned!

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The firm offers customized coaching, consulting, and training programs such as their signature business development program, Lawyers Making Rain.

Now more than ever, it’s not enough to just do good work and hope your law firm will thrive. And no matter how smart and hard-working you are, it can be time-consuming and overwhelming to figure it all out by yourself.

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