Marc W. Halpert | How To Use LinkedIn To Express Your WHY

Marc HalpertMarc W. Halpert is the Managing Partner of connect2collaborate, where he trains and coaches professionals using LinkedIn. As a self-proclaimed “multipreneur,” he has built three businesses and sold two of them. Marc became a solopreneur to help professionals in corporations, law firms, small companies, membership organizations, and nonprofits clarify their brand and positioning on LinkedIn.

As a LinkedIn trainer, Marc has been recognized as a high-energy speaker at national and regional conferences and an instructor to sales, marketing, HR, and training departments at professional service firms. He ranked on the top five list of fastest growth in the number of followers among global LinkedIn coaches and trainers.

Marc has written two books on LinkedIn marketing and articles in national publications on using the latest LinkedIn techniques for self-branding. His specialty in customized personal coaching has helped individuals in various industries use LinkedIn to express their WHY.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Why should lawyers utilize LinkedIn to gain recognition?
  • How to build your LinkedIn profile to communicate your WHY
  • Leveraging LinkedIn to achieve professional goals
  • Marc Halpert talks about posting according to ethical standards
  • LinkedIn branding tips for law firms
  • How law firms can differentiate themselves from the competition
  • The risks of using AI to build LinkedIn profiles

In this episode…

Most lawyers have LinkedIn profiles, but many aren’t updated or optimized for their target audiences. An inactive profile with outdated credentials deters potential clients, limiting attorneys’ recognition and authority. How can you leverage LinkedIn to communicate your value proposition and clarify your WHY?

As a renowned LinkedIn coach and marketing consultant, Marc Halpert understands the platform’s value in distinguishing yourself and creating lasting impressions. Prospects will likely browse your profile after receiving a referral, so posting engaging and informative content and crafting a bio that aligns with your professional purpose keeps you relevant. Each post should demonstrate your area of expertise, encourage commentary, and include calls to action. However, most lawyers must maintain ethical and professional standards, so ensure your posts are accurate and justifiable.

In today’s episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is joined by Marc W. Halpert, the Managing Partner of connect2collaborate, who shares techniques for using LinkedIn to market your WHY. Marc discusses the top LinkedIn marketing mistakes, how law firms can build their brands on the platform, and how to use AI responsibly to develop LinkedIn profiles. 

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