Matthew Connor | A Military Cybersecurity Expert’s Tips for Protecting Your Law Firm From Attack

Matthew ConnorMatthew Connor is the Founder and CEO of CyberLynx, which offers cybersecurity and premium IT services to protect growing businesses from ransomware. Formerly Your IT Department, CyberLynx helps businesses become more efficient and profitable by utilizing precise technology effectively. Matthew began his professional programming career at age 12 while working as a coder for his father’s company.

As a 17-year US Army veteran, he served in the intelligence unit with a top-secret security clearance, applying his tech knowledge to enhance intelligence operations. Matthew is an author, speaker, and podcast host, lending his knowledge to help business leaders adopt cutting-edge technology. With a passion for technology, business, and cybersecurity, he understands how to protect law firms from various cyber attacks.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Evolving trends in cyber attacks and their impact on law firms 
  • How law firms can optimize their cybersecurity programs to protect against attacks
  • Matthew Connor’s transition into the legal cybersecurity space
  • Law firms’ requirements to safeguard client data
  • Practical actions to prevent legal ransomware and breaches
  • Advice for identifying reliable IT partners

In this episode…

With AI a staple in the business landscape, cyber attacks have become more frequent and sophisticated. Hackers can write codes that bypass antivirus software, compromising law firm networks and data. Yet many law firms are behind in their cybersecurity efforts, still using antivirus and antimalware programs offering little to no protection against modern threats. How can you strengthen your cybersecurity measures to safeguard against breaches?

As a seasoned cybersecurity, intelligence, and technology professional advising law firms on security measures, Matthew Connor understands the obligation to protect their networks and client data. This requirement goes beyond updating operating systems and implementing firewalls. Eliminating security vulnerabilities involves integrating email encryption and data loss prevention software and enabling multi-factor authentication on numerous devices. Rather than attempting these efforts yourself, Matthew recommends partnering with IT providers who can verify your programs’ security capabilities.

In today’s episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman chats with Matthew Connor, the Founder and CEO of CyberLynx, about how law firms can protect themselves against cyber attacks. Matthew addresses how evolving cyber attacks impact law firms’ security, practical measures for preventing legal breaches, and how to source a reliable IT provider. 

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