Michele DeStefano | Legal Upheaval: How To Drive True Innovation in the Profession

Michele DeStefanoMichele DeStefano is the Founder of Movelaw, a company that brings a  human-centered design perspective to the law industry in order to retain lawyers, create culture change, develop a collaborative approach, leverage technology, and bring cross-border initiatives to fruition. Michele is also an author, speaker, consultant, and facilitator in these areas of expertise.

Michele is a Professor at the University of Miami School of Law, affiliated faculty at Harvard Law School Executive Education and IE Law School, Founder of LawWithoutWalls, and Co-curator of the Compliance Elliance Journal. She has been recognized as a “Legal Rebel” by the American Bar Association and as one of the “Top 20 Most Innovative Lawyers” by the Financial Times.

Michele researches and writes about the intersections between law, business, and innovation. She has authored two books that leverage perspectives from countless lawyers and leaders on innovation, technology, and the future ecosystem of the legal sector. For Michele, creating a collaborative, culture-based firm relies heavily on innovation, creativity, and a team that’s ready to drive change.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Michele DeStefano shares the details of LawWithoutWalls and how they’re driving internal change
  • Why lawyers need to adopt collaborative, creative skills and mindsets
  • How can lawyers create a full-scale culture change?
  • Finding a method in the madness — without being overly meticulous
  • What is the 3-4-5 method, and how does it bring about change?
  • The value of finding like-minded team members and standing up as a leader
  • Starting with the individual: why self-awareness and team-awareness are key
  • Michele’s message on diversifying your network

In this episode…

How can change-averse lawyers get on the path to innovation? What does it take to create a culture shift and build up a team of like-minded individuals?

According to Michele DeStefano, creativity breeds innovation. Luckily, she says we are all born creative — yes, even lawyers — and drawing out this creativity is a launching point for change. You must leave behind the meticulous research, over analyzation, and hesitation to really get on the innovation track. Embrace the creative, be open to opportunities, start small, and begin with yourself. When you lead with these characteristics, your team will follow, and you’ll make a significant difference in the industry.

In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman talks with Michele DeStefano, Founder of Movelaw, about the mindset and behavior shifts needed to innovate. Michele shares why you need a team of like-minded early adopters, how to generate culture change on a big scale, and the importance of crafting a team-centered approach. Michele also discusses her 3-4-5 method for change and why a diversified network is a key to success!

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