Michelle Calcote King | Using the Power of Media to Establish Your Expertise and Raise Your Visibility

Michelle-Calcote-KingMichelle Calcote King is the Principal and President of Reputation Ink, an award-winning B2B and professional services marketing and public relations agency. Although she is based out of Jacksonville, Florida, Michelle works with both nationwide and global firms to help them build their reputations, communicate their expertise, and grow their businesses.

Before founding Reputation Ink in 2011, Michelle managed a team of 18 senior-level consultants at Jaffe PR, a national PR firm that provides services for lawyers and law firms. Michelle has held a series of positions in marketing and public relations over the past two decades, and in 2015, she was named a “Woman of Influence” by the Jacksonville Business Journal.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Michelle Calcote King talks about her research on whether or not companies should focus on marketing during a crisis
  • The differences between marketing and public relations (PR)
  • Do lawyers still need to worry about PR and traditional media outlets?
  • Michelle recalls when the blogging trend first started and how it shifted the media
  • The best ways to get media attention from a publication
  • Michelle shares some case stories about how she coached her clients for the media
  • Why “no comment” is a big no-no and Michelle’s alternative suggestion
  • The only way to grow and develop a reputation in your industry? Consistent and ongoing thought leadership
  • Michelle’s message to lawyers that believe they can continue to grow their firm without any marketing or PR efforts

In this episode…

It can be confusing to learn how to market your law firm, whether you’ve been in the business for years or are just starting out. Should you focus your efforts on blogging? Is it necessary to engage on LinkedIn? Would you benefit from reaching out to media outlets?

Michelle Calcote King has the answers to all of these questions, and more. As the Principal and President of Reputation Ink, a B2B and professional services marketing and public relations agency, Michelle has valuable expertise on everything from the early days of blog-mania to the modern trends of thought leadership. Now, she wants to share her advice with you.

In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge, Elise Holtzman sits down with Michelle Calcote King, the Principal and President of Reputation Ink, to talk about all things marketing and public relations. Michelle discusses the importance of consistent and ongoing thought leadership, her thoughts on PR in 2020 (hint: you should be doing it!), and her research on whether your marketing efforts should be prioritized or left on the backburner during times of crisis. Keep listening.

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