Paula Edgar | How to Boldly Be YOU in Everything You Do

Paula EdgarPaula T. Edgar, Esq. is the CEO of PGE Consulting Group LLC, an organizational strategy firm providing training and educational services to promote professional development and DEI. As a sought-after keynote speaker and facilitator, Paula develops customized programming for attendees, integrating personal branding, relationship building, and business development into each event. Additionally, she hosts the Branding Room Only podcast, which features career stories and strategies on how industry leaders and influencers have built their personal brands.

As a civic leader, Paula is active in numerous organizations and social justice initiatives, including serving as a New York City Bar Board Officer, a Commissioner of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Commission on Women, and as a past President of the Metropolitan Black Bar Association (MBBA). She was also a 2015 Council of Urban Professionals (CUP) Fellow and a Trustee of the Ellis L. Phillips Foundation.

Having written for and been featured in publications, including the New York Times and Bloomberg Law, Paula has received awards like the Ruth Whitehead Whaley Service Award and the Ms. JD “Women of Inspiration” award. As an attorney, she practiced employment and workplace discrimination law for the New York City Commission on Human Rights. Paula has developed the Engage Your Hustle method, which teaches professionals to elevate their endeavors by asserting themselves boldly.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Paula Edgar’s journey from a practicing lawyer to a consultant
  • The value of bar associations
  • How Paula’s personal brand has evolved
  • What does being fully authentic entail, and how can you build a personal brand?
  • Elevating leadership in the face of adversity
  • Actionable steps for fostering inclusive environments
  • Paula shares advice for brand-building professionals: be curious

In this episode…

Law is a relationship-based profession. Because people are at the core of what you do as a lawyer, being approachable, likable, and REAL can be the key to growing the connections that lead to success and enjoyment. That means being professional, of course, while still showing up as your authentic self.

Through adversity and unimaginable loss, former practicing lawyer and DEI advocate Paula Edgar has remained authentic and evolved her leadership skills to forge connections and promote inclusivity. She maintains that authenticity is a scale presented on various levels depending on the situation. You must identify an ideal level of interaction and engagement and present yourself accordingly through a crafted elevator pitch. Observe how your audience responds and leverage emotional intelligence to adjust your interactions. If executed correctly, your personal brand should inspire inclusivity and a sense of belonging.

Join us for this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast as Elise Holtzman welcomes highly energetic guest Paula Edgar, a former practicing lawyer and the CEO of PGE Consulting Group LLC, to chat about building a personal brand by being boldly authentic. Paula reveals how adversity has shaped her leadership approach, offers advice for lawyers who want to build their own unique brands, and shares practical tips for fostering genuinely inclusive environments.

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