Pieter van der Hoeven | Using Technology to Meet Client Demand and Deepen Client Relationships


Pieter van der Hoeven is the Co-founder and CEO of Clocktimizer, a company that helps law firms streamline operations, improve firm-wide profitability, and build and scale pricing and legal project management teams. 

Pieter has a background as an attorney-at-law, working at firms including DLA Piper and KPN, both based in the Netherlands. During that time, he spent evenings pouring over data and spreadsheets to provide his clients with transparency, which prompted the desire to automate instead of manually transferring data. It wasn’t long before the idea to begin a business came to fruition.

Pieter van der Hoeven and his team at Clocktimizer help law firms and the people within them streamline operations and improve firm-wide profitability. They can do this by optimizing data-driven technology to improve efficiency without all the messy work so you can concentrate on what matters most — the client.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Pieter van der Hoeven discusses his background as an M&A lawyer and why he decided to switch paths to become an entrepreneur 
  • The inception of Clocktimizer and how it transforms the technology of the legal industry
  • What are Pieter’s clients asking for now in terms of legal services?
  • The vast demographic of law firms that are adopting innovative technology
  • How law firms should be implementing technology, especially for data security
  • Pieter explains how to integrate multiple softwares at one firm seamlessly
  • Why Pieter’s company does not offer customizations with its software
  • Why software updates mean more than just a pop-up on your screen
  • Pieter describes the future of law firms from his perspective
  • The intersection between technology and relationships

In this episode…

Are you in a law firm that hasn’t implemented any technology and feels that you’re falling behind? How can software improve client relationships? What technology is out there that can help lawyers with any legal service? Pieter van der Hoeven can tell you.

Pieter van der Hoeven is the Co-founder and CEO of Clocktimizer, providing lawyers with data-driven solutions to budgeting, pricing, operations, and more. As a previous attorney and M&A lawyer, Pieter knows the changing landscape of the legal industry. It’s no secret that technology is booming in law, and Pieter is here to tell you how to implement it into any firm.

On this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge, Elise Holtzman has a conversation with Co-founder and CEO of Clocktimizer, Pieter van der Hoeven, about technology in the legal field. They discuss how to adopt technology into law firms, what software can do to streamline law, the intersection between technology and relationships, and much more. You won’t want to miss this jam-packed episode!

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