Randi Kochman | A Co-Managing Shareholder’s Career Advice to Her Younger Lawyer Self

Randi Kochman

Randi Kochman is the Co-managing Shareholder of Cole Schotz P.C., where she serves as chair of the firm’s employment law department. She is dedicated to helping employers understand and navigate complicated and evolving employment law to manage employees effectively, avoid costly mistakes, and focus on their core businesses.

With more than 25 years of employment law experience, Randi works closely with her clients in employment-related cases, including wrongful discharge, discrimination, retaliation, harassment, wage and hour compliance, and contract disputes. When disputes arise, she works meticulously to litigate employment and business tort issues in state and federal courts and administrative agencies. Randi lectures and writes regularly on all aspects of employment law and is frequently called upon to conduct independent workplace investigations into allegations of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and related issues.

Randi is actively involved with the New Jersey Women Lawyers Association (NJWLA), where she’s held various leadership positions, including president, president-elect, vice president, and secretary. Working with Cole Schotz since 1995 allowed her to advance in her career from being a promising lawyer to being recognized for high-quality legal work and professionalism. She now mentors, supports, and imparts her years of wisdom to junior attorneys.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Randi Kochman discusses the most rewarding and challenging aspects of her role as managing partner
  • How societal shifts have impacted law firm partners — and how to address these issues
  • What are Randi’s favorite parts of practicing law?
  • The evolution of practicing law — and pragmatic advice for junior attorneys
  • Randi defines the concept of self-investment for lawyers
  • How Randi’s involvement in legal organizations has transformed her career
  • Attorneys’ altering perspectives on the legal profession
  • Law firm management and retention strategies for leaders

In this episode…

The fundamental shifts in employment culture have influenced how junior associates view the legal profession. Law firms must find ways to retain and satisfy junior lawyers’ needs while identifying those motivated to attain leadership positions. Creating an atmosphere that fosters continuous career development and enrichment to cultivate and retain talent is key.

As an esteemed managing partner and leader in the legal industry, Randi Kochman maintains that junior lawyers must confirm their commitment to their roles to be considered for other positions. This allows you to build a legal business through relationship-building and business development opportunities like joining organizations for professional growth. Investing in yourself is also critical, so Randi advises allocating your endeavors to focus on personal skill development and self-care.

Join Elise Holtzman in this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast as she hosts Randi Kochman, Co-managing Shareholder at Cole Schotz, who shares her career development journey and tips for junior associates. Randi explains how to address attorneys’ altering perspectives on the legal profession, her favorite parts of practicing law, and management and retention strategies for law firm leaders.

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