Rich Bracken | Earn More and Stress Less by Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

Rich BrackenRich Bracken is an executive speaker coach, corporate culture consultant, and keynote speaker on emotional intelligence, leadership, motivation, and business differentiation. For over 20 years, he has researched how various leadership styles and employee engagement tactics impact businesses and teams. Through content, thought leadership, data-driven insights, and research, Rich drives sustainable change for individuals and organizations.

As a trusted advisor, he has been featured on media channels such as Fox News, CBS News, and Reader’s Digest and has worked with global organizations, including the Legal Marketing Association. Rich is also the Founder of RB Consulting, a performance improvement firm focused on coaching and consulting top business leaders, organizations, and celebrities on goal achievement, personal branding, and public speaking.

Rich has served as a professor of leadership, creating educational and training videos for internal leadership development. As a media personality and passionate servant leader, his unique blend of empathy and positivity resonates with professionals from diverse backgrounds. Rich’s ability to combine knowledge with compassion and results with care allows him to cultivate organizational well-being and teach executives how to increase their emotional intelligence to earn more and stress less.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Rich Bracken discovered his passion for emotional intelligence coaching
  • Rich tackles skepticism about emotional intelligence in the legal profession
  • What are the fundamental elements of emotional intelligence?
  • The personal and professional benefits of developing emotional intelligence
  • Identifying emotional strengths and weaknesses
  • Rich talks about his engaging emotional intelligence program
  • Advice for highly sensitive servant leaders

In this episode…

The legal profession is considered one of the most demanding careers, with lawyers regularly encountering high-stress situations. These high-pressure circumstances trigger the fight-or-flight response, pushing you to persist but impacting critical thinking and compromising performance and client relationships. How can you reduce stress in your personal and professional life to boost productivity and increase your income?

After a severe panic attack that left him hospitalized, Rich Bracken discovered the value of emotional intelligence for identifying and managing stress. Developing this skill requires possessing the self-awareness to recognize your emotions and adjusting your responses to manage these feelings effectively. Yet research shows that only 15% of people are emotionally intelligent, and lawyers are highly skeptical of this school of thought. Rich maintains that lawyer burnout is inevitable, so rather than waiting for it to occur, you can take time to document your emotions and restructure your day accordingly.

Tune in to this edition of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast as host Elise Holtzman introduces executive speaker coach Rich Bracken, who talks about developing emotional intelligence to reduce stress and maximize income. Rich describes how to identify your emotional strengths and weaknesses, how highly sensitive servant leaders can cultivate emotional intelligence, and his engaging program for mastering the skill.

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