Rob Kates | How To Use Video To Market Your Law Firm

Rob KatesRob Kates is the Executive Producer at Kates Media, a video production company creating videos for lawyers, law firms, health care education, professional speakers, consultants, trainers, and professional service companies. With over 20 years of video production experience, Kates Media has produced various media forms, including web videos, TV commercials, and indie films. The company’s work has appeared in online publications like the Legal Intelligencer and the ABA Journal. 

Rob’s 30 years of experience in print, film, television, and commercial production allows him to create high-quality and valuable content for businesses and professionals. As a media and video steering and technology committee volunteer at the Legal Marketing Association, he advises lawyers and law firms on using video content to increase visibility and revenue.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

    • Leading video trends among law firms — and how the medium has evolved 
    • Why law firms should leverage video marketing 
    • The barriers against adopting video marketing
    • Rob Kates talks about the most effective video forms for law firms 
    • Tips for repurposing video recordings to market your firm
    • How to analyze video marketing ROI 
    • Identifying and selecting an ideal video production company

    In this episode…

    Video has become more prominent than ever. From video streaming platforms and internet content to large-screen TVs in living rooms and lobbies, this digital medium is surpassing other marketing channels. While lawyers can be slow to adopt new technology, many are posting videos to their social media pages. How can you leverage video to market your law firm?

    With deep expertise in video production for lawyers and law firms, Rob Kates has observed a significant surge in video content among these professionals. Video generates client engagement and drives traffic to your website at higher rates than written content. You can shoot scripted videos or record live speaking engagements and repurpose them as short-form thought leadership content on your social media pages. Analyzing video engagement through likes, comments, and shares allows you to measure and boost ROI.

    In today’s episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman invites Rob Kates, the Executive Producer at Kates Media, to share video marketing advice for lawyers and law firms. Rob explains the benefits of this medium, the most effective video forms for law firms, and how to identify and select a video production company. 

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