Robert Algeri | Avoid a Train Wreck! Expert Tips for a Smooth Website Design Process

Robert AlgeriRobert Algeri is a Co-founder of Great Jakes, a company that builds the world’s most advanced and effective websites for large, forward-thinking law firms. In this role, Robert personally attends to all client engagements and is responsible for ensuring that the company exceeds its clients’ expectations.

Robert is an accomplished writer and speaker, and his work has been featured in publications like LMA’s Strategies Magazine, ALM’s Marketing the Law Firm, and the National Law Journal. He’s also shared his ideas on the direction of legal marketing and websites at various webinars, forums, and LMA conferences.

With over 25 years of experience in website and brand design for law firms, Robert understands exactly what firms need to differentiate themselves from competitors and avoid website design train wrecks.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Robert Algeri talks about the various people you should have on your website and marketing committee
  • Why should you eliminate the unveiling moment?
  • An essential step in the website and brand design process: don’t skimp on discovery
  • The value of documenting everything related to your strategy
  • How one creative lead can help your design process run smoothly
  • Bonus tip for marketing teams: don’t share the completed-by date with the firm
  • What can law firms provide to make it easier for web and brand design agencies?
  • Why you should keep the end user in mind when stepping into projects

In this episode…

Designing or redesigning a law firm’s website can be a huge – and expensive – undertaking. Even more challenging is that, because lawyers aren’t usually marketing experts, there’s plenty of room for error and frustration in the website design process. Fortunately, legal marketing and website expert Robert Algeri is here to share his tips to avoid a website design train wreck.

One of the biggest challenges in rebranding or updating your website design is getting everyone on board. Although not everyone has the same opinions, you want to ensure that decisions are made with the end user in mind, key stakeholders understand the process, and that no surprises are sprung on the firm. That’s why Robert suggests putting together a small website and marketing committee, bringing skeptics into the project early on, and having one creative lead to avoid project disconnect.

In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is joined by Robert Algeri, a Co-founder of Great Jakes, to talk about strategies law firms can use to make the website design process a successful endeavor. Robert shares the mistakes many law firms make, how to get approval from stakeholders and other team members, and the best ways to work with web and brand design agencies.  

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