Scott Mason | Dislodge Toxic Myths To Ignite the Best Version of Yourself

Scott MasonScott Mason is a Keynote Speaker and Coach at My Freedom Rocks, where he helps individuals and teams magnetize and monetize professional freedom. After graduating from Columbia Law School, he worked for more than 25 years as an attorney and C-suite executive with numerous government and nonprofit organizations before growing and scaling a small manufacturing company.

As an executive and leadership coach, Scott helps frustrated attorneys level up their leadership, find a new purpose, and envision and achieve their goals. As a public speaker, he has given speeches and panel presentations before international audiences, and his insights have appeared in book compilations, online magazines, television, and podcasts. Scott sits on the board of the New York City National Speakers’ Association.

Using the lessons of Greek mythology, Scott provides lawyers who feel stagnant in their careers with a system that obliterates toxic myths to ignite their inner charisma. By reframing challenges and removing internal barriers in their professional lives, he helps attorneys uncover the best versions of themselves to attract new opportunities.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Scott Mason’s personal and professional inspiration to use Greek mythology as the basis for coaching lawyers
  • The myths associated with lawyers’ most pervasive career challenges
  • What are the five toxic myths, and how do they manifest in attorneys’ careers?
  • Scott discusses the role of avatars and the oracle in lawyers’ personal and professional lives
  • How to dispel toxic myths — and the value of charisma
  • The significant difference between a hero and an Olympian

In this episode…

Many lawyers reject traditional work cultures and feel a sense of dissatisfaction and frustration associated with their careers. In response, some have transitioned from partners into leadership roles to find a greater purpose. Still, attorneys can be apprehensive about making major personal and professional transformations. How can you dispel deeply embedded societal myths to envision and attain your objectives? By employing the powerful lessons and imagery of Greek Mythology, of course!

As a passionate student of Greek mythology, executive coach Scott Mason identifies five toxic myths governing professionals’ lives: the tragic origin, social, ritual, apocalyptic, and underworld myths. Lawyers are plagued by the ritual myth in which they fear change, the social myth allowing family and friends to govern their decisions, and the apocalyptic myth that promotes risk aversion. Eliminating these beliefs involves cultivating the highest version of yourself, maximizing your impact, and making meaningful changes in the world through charisma. Scott advises identifying a mythological figure that aligns with your vision to facilitate the journey to self-transformation.

In today’s episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, join Elise Holtzman as she welcomes Scott Mason, the Keynote Speaker and Coach at My Freedom Rocks, who shares the secrets to dislodging toxic myths to uncover your true self. Scott explains the role of avatars and the Oracle in attorneys’ lives, the value of charisma, and the difference between an Olympian and a hero.

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