Stefanie Marrone | How Small and Mid-Sized Law Firms Can Elevate Their Visibility and Brand

Stefanie MarroneStefanie Marrone is the Fractional Marketing Director of Social Media and Marketing and Business Development Strategist at The Social Media Butterfly. In these roles, she helps law firms, individual lawyers, accounting and recruiting firms, and other business professionals build their brands and generate revenue.

As an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer and Social Media Consultant, Stefanie helps small and mid-sized law firms find their unique voices and tell their story. Her expertise derives from previous work at some of the most prominent law firms in the world, where she developed and executed internal and external communication strategies, including media relations, branding, multi-channel content, marketing, and thought leadership campaigns.

Stefanie believes that many law firms are only scratching the surface of content marketing and social media. From her 20-year legal marketing career, she knows how both big and small law firms operate — and how they can improve strategies to get things done efficiently. She has particular experience in helping companies effectively utilize social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for business development, revenue generation, and visibility.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Why do lawyers find it challenging to invest in social media strategy?
  • How Stefanie Marrone helps small and mid-sized law firms shape their marketing strategy
  • Content creation tips to help you deliver value and keep in touch with clients
  • How to gain new business through VIP contacts and LinkedIn posts
  • Bringing your client alerts to life through video and LinkedIn newsletters
  • What are the best social media platforms for lawyers and law firms?
  • How lawyers can position themselves properly on Instagram
  • LinkedIn mistakes that every lawyer should avoid
  • What you can do to start building your professional brand 
  • Stefanie’s advice regarding self-promotion and free marketing opportunities

In this episode…

Compared to big law firms, small and mid-sized firms have fewer resources, deals, staff, and matters to write about for awards. So, as a smaller law firm, how can you effectively market yourself and compete with the big firms — even when you have fewer in-house experts and resources? 

Social media and marketing expert Stefanie Marrone says you need to get creative and strategic. Think about your goals as a lawyer or a law firm and shape your strategy around that. You don’t need to be a content machine and post daily on all social channels, but you do need to put your name out there. To elevate your brand visibility, it’s important to find where your clients are, start building your profile, and cultivate your network.

In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is in conversation with Stefanie Marrone, Fractional Marketing Director of Social Media and Marketing and Business Development Strategist at The Social Media Butterfly. Stefanie discusses how small and mid-sized law firms can best market themselves, tips for creating content that reaches your audience, and the top tools and channels to build your professional brand. 

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