Stephanie Grober | Don’t Be a Best-Kept Secret! Use a Content and PR Strategy To Raise Your Profile

Stephanie GroberStephanie Grober is the Content and Public Relations Manager for Horowitz Agency, a marketing and public relations firm that works exclusively with corporate and entertainment law, financial and production firms, and select individuals across the US and Canada.

Stephanie has been in the digital marketing and communications space for nearly 10 years. She joined Horowitz Agency in 2021 after serving as the Marketing Communications Manager for a top 50 accounting firm in New York City.

Working with law firm clients ranging from big law to boutique, Stephanie and the Horowitz team design and execute content and communication strategies that generate measurable bottom-line growth. Stephanie also delivers high-quality earned media placements for clients by leveraging deep relationships with the press. She knows that becoming a leading authority in your field requires more than keeping your head down and grinding out the work. To boost your profile, it’s crucial to get clear on your content strategy, take on new marketing and PR opportunities, and get your name out there.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What is content strategy, and how can it improve search engine optimization (SEO)?
  • The different facets of content strategy: written content, public relations, nominations, and awards
  • Stephanie Grober breaks down what it means to be a thought leader
  • Don’t know what to write or speak about? Stephanie shares some ideas
  • Common content creation challenges — and tips to solve them
  • Stephanie’s advice for those just beginning their content strategy
  • Tips for working with outsourced or in-house marketing teams
  • Why a solid marketing strategy often requires trial and error
  • Stephanie’s crucial reminder for marketing and PR success: get your name out there and don’t overthink it

In this episode…

Every lawyer wants to get in front of prospective clients and referral partners and generate more revenue for the firm. To do so, you must become a recognized name and ensure you aren’t a best-kept secret. So what are the top strategies to showcase your expertise and grow your business?

Stephanie Grober distinguishes content and PR strategy as valuable tools to increase revenue and become a recognized thought leader. From written content and press appearances to awards and nominations, lawyers can build content and PR strategies that cater to their unique skills, time commitments, and audiences. The key is to share content regularly. Content marketing isn’t just a one-and-done approach — you build momentum over time by seeking out new opportunities.

In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is joined by Stephanie Grober, Content and Public Relations Manager for Horowitz Agency, to talk about the best strategies to develop content and PR initiatives. Stephanie discusses the different aspects of content strategy that generate awareness, tips to develop and repurpose content within a busy schedule, and how to overcome common content creation challenges.

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