Uri Gutfreund | An Insider’s View: What’s Really Top-of-Mind for Managing Partners

uri-gutfreundUri Gutfreund is the Founder and Moderator of The Managing Partner RoundTable™, a proactive forum where law firm leaders can share their best practices and seek advice from their peers. This unique program has quickly become a leading venue for thought leaders in the legal industry and is the largest regional peer-to-peer professional development group. Uri is a frequent speaker at legal industry conferences and Bar Association events and writes on law firm leadership, business practices, and risk management.

Uri is the National Law Firm Practice Leader at Risk Strategies, a top 15 National Insurance Brokerage. At Risk Strategies, Uri is responsible for the development and execution of insurance and risk management services for the company’s law firm clients.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Uri Gutfreund’s role at Risk Strategies and how he got into insurance for lawyers
  • What inspired Uri to start his professional development group, The Managing Partner RoundTable™?
  • Why Uri decided to focus specifically on serving mid-size firms
  • The conversations Uri has been having with managing partners on moving forward in 2021
  • How COVID-19 has transformed meetings
  • Uri shares the top trends that mid-sized law firms should pay attention to in the new year
  • How to invest your marketing dollars, time, and energy
  • Uri’s advice for lawyers: find out what’s really important to your clients—beyond their legal issues

In this episode…

How open are you with other lawyers in your field? Do you like to share your insights with your peers, or would you rather keep things close to your chest?

When Uri Gutfreund first started The Managing Partner RoundTable™, he was faced with this obstacle: will industry leaders be willing to share their strengths? What about their failures? After some strategizing, he discovered that when the members of a group aren’t in direct competition with one another, the answer is yes—and then some. So, what are the benefits of opening up to your peers, and how can you start making more valuable connections in 2021?

Join Elise Holtzman in this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge as she sits down with Uri Gutfreund, the National Law Firm Practice Leader for Risk Strategies and the Founder and Moderator of The Managing Partner RoundTable™. Together, they talk about what inspired Uri to create The Managing Partner RoundTable, the insight he’s gleaned from his conversations with managing partners, and the trends he foresees in the legal industry for 2021. Stay tuned for more!

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