7 Things that Law School Never Taught You

Did you love law school? Or did you hate it? Regardless of how you felt about your experience, you will probably agree that law school gave you two things: You got a foundation in the law by studying the basics: constitutional law, contracts, torts, criminal law and procedure, and real property. And you learned how […]

5 Time Management Strategies for Your Practice

5 Time Management Strategies for your Practice

There just aren’t enough hours in the day, are there? No matter how much work you get done, no matter how many billable hours you put in, there is always more to do as a lawyer. Despite your best efforts, your workload can pile up in front of you, increasing your stress level and decreasing […]

Marketing for Attorneys – What to Do First

When building a thriving law practice, it is critical to follow a strategic marketing plan. Be sure this plan is tailored to you and your ideal clients, and works with your schedule, preferences, and budget. Many attorneys lack focus when it comes to marketing. They don’t have an effective marketing plan, so their approach to […]

Time to Build a Successful Law Practice

Have you ever noticed that some attorneys are more successful than you are? You cannot seem to find the right clients…yet they do. You work endless hours sacrificing time with your friends, family and hobbies and still do not build the law practice that you desire…yet they do. You claim you don’t have the time […]

What Your Clients and Prospects Really Want

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There are a LOT of lawyers out there and consumers of legal services have many choices. It’s more important than ever to deliver significant value to those you serve and always be striving to exceed your clients’ expectations. Best-selling author and marketing consultant Roy H. Williams […]

Denial – The Lie That Can Torpedo Your Career

I recently spoke with Justin, a young lawyer who had just been fired from his firm. He was blindsided and bitter. “It doesn’t make any sense,” he told me. “For three years they told me I was doing fine. Then, all of a sudden, they changed their tune.

Part 4 of Craft Your 1-Minute Introduction – 7 Ways To Differentiate Yourself

If you’ve read the other articles in this series, you now know that if you don’t have a powerful introduction that’s compelling and memorable, you are likely wasting your networking efforts and blending into a very large and undifferentiated crowd of lawyers. It’s critical that you prepare for networking in advance, ask yourself the right […]

Want To Bring In More Business This Year? Keep It Simple

It’s a new year and the possibilities seem endless. Whether you are calling it a new year’s resolution or hope springing eternal, you are likely looking forward to all the opportunities a new year brings. This may be your best year ever – the year you bring in all the clients you want and generate […]