Don’t Have a Strong Professional Network? How to Start Building One From Scratch

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” Nido Qubein It is a well-established fact that having a strong professional network is a huge asset to any lawyer, whether you are looking for your next job or volunteer position, new clients or the perfect attorney to refer for […]

Part 2 of Craft Your 1-Minute Introduction – The #1 Question You Need To Answer

Think back to the last time you met new people at a business gathering, networking event or social function. How clearly do you remember those you met? Do you remember their names? Can you recall what they look like, what they do for a living, how they like to spend their leisure time or even […]

Part 1 of Craft Your 1-Minute Introduction – Stop Saying “I’m a Lawyer!”

Frequently Asked Question: What do you do? Frequent Response: I’m a lawyer. Thud. And, perhaps, yawn. Yes, of course, you are a lawyer. But when you answer the question with that one-word answer (or its close cousins, “I’m a litigator” or “I do M and A”) you lose a golden opportunity to stand out from […]

Add This Old-Fashioned Ingredient To Your Online Relationships

Do you want to land a new client? Get hired for a different job? You may need to start thinking differently about how to get what you want. I have noticed recently that many lawyers are forgetting, neglecting, or perhaps never learned a critical principle of developing relationships that will eventually yield remunerative benefits in […]

Is Your Law Firm’s Website Getting Results?

How quickly things change. It wasn’t so long ago that prospective clients might ask you whether you had a website. In today’s world, of course, having a website for your law firm is absolutely required. Every lawyer I know has a website and every client expects nothing less. You probably have a website for your […]

When To Say No To A Prospective Client

If you’re eager to grow your book of business, you may be tempted to accept any prospective client you think you can help. While I don’t often recommend saying no to prospects, particularly when they are ready to send you a retainer, it sometimes makes sense to decline a client engagement. Say No When Your […]

The Real Reason Your Client Went To A Competitor

The Truth About Why Your Clients Go to Competitors and The Solution

Have you ever experienced the disappointment of a client leaving your practice only to hire someone else to do a job you know you can do (and maybe do even better)? If you felt abandoned or were left with a bad taste in your mouth, it’s certainly understandable. But if that’s all you were left […]

7 Networking Mistakes That May Be Losing You Clients

You know that networking, whether formal or informal, is one of the very best ways to develop relationships that will lead to a full practice but are you sure you are doing it as effectively as you could be? Check out this list of 7 common networking mistakes you may be making and, starting right […]

Branding for Lawyers: Does it Help or is it Hype?

Branding for Lawyers Helps You Stay Focused and Helps You Get Clients

Have you watched any TV lately? Driven past a billboard? Turned on your laptop, tablet or smartphone? Unless you are living off the land Survivor-style, you are almost constantly being bombarded with marketing messages from consumer products companies who sell things like soft drinks, pharmaceuticals and automobiles, and from large service providers such as stockbrokers […]