Part 1 of Craft Your 1-Minute Introduction – Stop Saying “I’m a Lawyer!”

Frequently Asked Question: What do you do? Frequent Response: I’m a lawyer. Thud. And, perhaps, yawn. Yes, of course, you are a lawyer. But when you answer the question with that one-word answer (or its close cousins, “I’m a litigator” or “I do M and A”) you lose a golden opportunity to stand out from […]

Add This Old-Fashioned Ingredient To Your Online Relationships

Do you want to land a new client? Get hired for a different job? You may need to start thinking differently about how to get what you want. I have noticed recently that many lawyers are forgetting, neglecting, or perhaps never learned a critical principle of developing relationships that will eventually yield remunerative benefits in […]

Is Your Law Firm’s Website Getting Results?

How quickly things change. It wasn’t so long ago that prospective clients might ask you whether you had a website. In today’s world, of course, having a website for your law firm is absolutely required. Every lawyer I know has a website and every client expects nothing less. You probably have a website for your […]

When To Say No To A Prospective Client

If you’re eager to grow your book of business, you may be tempted to accept any prospective client you think you can help. While I don’t often recommend saying no to prospects, particularly when they are ready to send you a retainer, it sometimes makes sense to decline a client engagement. Say No When Your […]

The Real Reason Your Client Went To A Competitor

The Truth About Why Your Clients Go to Competitors and The Solution

Have you ever experienced the disappointment of a client leaving your practice only to hire someone else to do a job you know you can do (and maybe do even better)? If you felt abandoned or were left with a bad taste in your mouth, it’s certainly understandable. But if that’s all you were left […]

7 Networking Mistakes That May Be Losing You Clients

You know that networking, whether formal or informal, is one of the very best ways to develop relationships that will lead to a full practice but are you sure you are doing it as effectively as you could be? Check out this list of 7 common networking mistakes you may be making and, starting right […]

Branding for Lawyers: Does it Help or is it Hype?

Branding for Lawyers Helps You Stay Focused and Helps You Get Clients

Have you watched any TV lately? Driven past a billboard? Turned on your laptop, tablet or smartphone? Unless you are living off the land Survivor-style, you are almost constantly being bombarded with marketing messages from consumer products companies who sell things like soft drinks, pharmaceuticals and automobiles, and from large service providers such as stockbrokers […]

How Lawyers Attract More Clients: Specialize, But Stay Vigilant

How Lawyers Attract More Clients: Specialize, But Stay Vigilant

I recently attended a bar association conference for small law firms and solo practitioners. One of the programs I sat in on was a panel discussion entitled “Should I Specialize? What’s Hot and What’s Not.” Although there were three programs to choose from during the 90-minute time slot in which the panel discussion was offered, […]