5 Ways To Stop Self-Sabotage Now

Are you unsatisfied with your lot in life? Frustrated with your career or law practice? Sometimes you don’t get what you want because other people and outside circumstances get in the way. And sometimes . . . well . . . you get in your own way. How? By throwing mental and emotional roadblocks in your […]

Want Success? Fire Your Friends

Do you know someone who is negative or cynical? Someone who complains, gossips, and blames others for his or her situation? Whatever you call these people – downers, kill-joys, energy vampires – your success as a lawyer depends on eliminating or limiting your exposure to them.

Time Management Doesn’t Work

What are you doing with your time? If you’re like most lawyers: You’re spending it, tracking it, billing it, prioritizing it, bemoaning it, and trying to wrest it into submission. You’re always on the lookout for time management techniques on the theory that there must be something else you can do to be more efficient. […]

The Great Interview Question You Should Ask Yourself

I sat across the desk from the senior partner and chair of the real estate department at one of the largest law firms in the country as my interview drew to a close. Our conversation had gone well so far, and I was cautiously optimistic about my chances of receiving an offer as a lateral […]

The #1 Obstacle To Your Success – A Tragic Story

Do you ever have those days when you feel that no matter what you do, nothing seems to go your way? Like all the obstacles in the world have miraculously lined up squarely between you and your goals and dreams? There are so many possible roadblocks that can pop up along the path to success, […]

Are You A Great Lawyer? Or An Imposter?

How Lawyers Can Banish Imposter Syndrome, Increase Confidence and Succeed

If they only knew . . . Have you ever asked yourself “what gives me the right to be here?” Are you a law firm partner who sometimes wonders why they ever elected you? Or in-house counsel who worries that the business people are finally going to figure out that you don’t have the answers […]

The Line Item Successful Lawyers Have In The Budget

Successful Lawyers Budget Time and Money for Personal and Professional Development

Multiple Choice Question: How much time and money have you allocated for your professional development budget this year? (a) I pay for mandatory CLE. That’s what you mean, right? (b) I went to law school. That’s all the professional development training I need. (c) I have no time. (d) I have no money. (e) What’s a budget?