5 Tips for Radiating Confidence (Even When You Don’t Feel It)

I recently conducted a survey in which I asked lawyers to let me know what professional and personal development topics they would be most interested in reading about. One of the issues that came up again and again was confidence, more specifically, how to increase it. If you are a lawyer who feels unsure about […]

The Rainmaking Principle Every Lawyer Needs to Hear

Are you a good lawyer? You probably are! You pride yourself on doing good work. You are diligent, careful, a skilled advocate and a caring adviser, all at the same time. You’re great at closing the deal, winning the case or getting the best possible settlement or outcome for your clients. In a profession in […]

5 Ways To Stop Self-Sabotage Now

Are you unsatisfied with your lot in life? Frustrated with your career or law practice? Sometimes you don’t get what you want because other people and outside circumstances get in the way. And sometimes . . . well . . . you get in your own way. How? By throwing mental and emotional roadblocks in your […]

Don’t Have a Strong Professional Network? How to Start Building One From Scratch

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” Nido Qubein It is a well-established fact that having a strong professional network is a huge asset to any lawyer, whether you are looking for your next job or volunteer position, new clients or the perfect attorney to refer for […]

Part 2 of Craft Your 1-Minute Introduction – The #1 Question You Need To Answer

Think back to the last time you met new people at a business gathering, networking event or social function. How clearly do you remember those you met? Do you remember their names? Can you recall what they look like, what they do for a living, how they like to spend their leisure time or even […]

Part 1 of Craft Your 1-Minute Introduction – Stop Saying “I’m a Lawyer!”

Frequently Asked Question: What do you do? Frequent Response: I’m a lawyer. Thud. And, perhaps, yawn. Yes, of course, you are a lawyer. But when you answer the question with that one-word answer (or its close cousins, “I’m a litigator” or “I do M and A”) you lose a golden opportunity to stand out from […]

Want Success? Fire Your Friends

Do you know someone who is negative or cynical? Someone who complains, gossips, and blames others for his or her situation? Whatever you call these people – downers, kill-joys, energy vampires – your success as a lawyer depends on eliminating or limiting your exposure to them.

Time Management Doesn’t Work

What are you doing with your time? If you’re like most lawyers: You’re spending it, tracking it, billing it, prioritizing it, bemoaning it, and trying to wrest it into submission. You’re always on the lookout for time management techniques on the theory that there must be something else you can do to be more efficient. […]