Practical, Inspirational Programs Created Specifically for Lawyers

Elise Holtzman offers training, keynote speeches and continuing legal education programs to law firms, legal departments, and bar associations on a diverse range of topics that address the very real business concerns attorneys face every day but never learned about in law school.

As an experienced attorney, Elise knows that lawyers’ educational backgrounds, business models and ethical responsibilities make them unique. Best of all, she speaks your language. You won’t have to wade through corporate-speak that doesn’t apply to you or waste your time on theories that were devised for someone else. All of Elise’s programs are designed specifically for lawyers.

“Elise Holtzman is the best speaker I have encountered on”

Thomas L.P.Illinois

Elise’s real-world stories, taken from years of experience working with lawyers, bring to life the everyday challenges and opportunities attorneys face. We all know the saying “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the results you’ve always gotten.” Whether the topic is business development, client communication and service, learning to think like a business owner, leadership, ethics, or any other, Elise will have the lawyers in your audience thinking differently about how they can bring value to their firms and clients, and give them the motivation and tools they’ll need to take action and succeed.

“Great practical advice. One of the best time management courses I’ve ever taken.”

Tracy S., Maryland

Elise’s presentations include:

  • Take Control of Your Career: Career Management for Attorneys
  • Keep Your Clients Happy (and Keep Your Clients)
  • Networking and Business Development for Attorneys, including:
    • Top 10 Characteristics of Superstar Networkers
    • Be Compelling and Memorable in 2 Minutes or Less
    • Low-Stress, High-Impact Tips for Navigating Your Next Networking Event
  • The Lawyer as Leader
  • Communication Skills for Lawyers
  • Ethical Considerations in Time Management
  • Best Practices in Time Management

Law firms and other organizations for which Elise has spoken include:

  • Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson
  • Norton Rose Fulbright
  • Cozen O’Connor
  • The New Jersey State Bar Association
  • The New York State Bar Association
  • The New Jersey Governor’s Conference on Women
  • The New Jersey Women Lawyer’s Association
  • Columbia Law School
  • Cardozo Law School
  • Rutgers Law School

If you are looking to make your conference, retreat or CLE program one to remember, Elise would love to speak with you.

Dan Wiig

“Elise recently made a presentation, which focused on the idea of attorneys “branding themselves” within the legal community, to the New York County Lawyers’ Association Young Lawyers’ Section. Her presentation, thoughtful insight, and interaction with the group was second to none. After the formal presentation, she engaged with a number of attendees individually, asked insightful questions, and provided sound advice. Many participants continue to rave about Elise and her presentation, and I highly recommend her as a career coach.”

Daniel K. Wiig Esq.

Five Good Reasons Why The Lawyer’s Success Coach May Be The Right Speaker For You

  1. Professionalism. Elise knows that your reputation is on the line when she takes the stage. She is the consummate professional in appearance and demeanor and delivers a top-quality, content-packed presentation every time.
  2. Targeted Presentation. You may have seen presentations where the speaker used “canned” material designed for a general audience and just inserted your firm or association’s name a couple of times. It doesn’t take too long until the listeners are looking at each other as if to say, “Does this person have any idea what we do?” What you get from Elise is never “canned.” Instead, she will provide a unique presentation tailored to the needs and wants of your group.
  3. Expertise. There is a difference between a speaker and an expert who speaks. You and your audience know the difference. Elise is an expert in the field of Professional Development for Attorneys. She’s not just a lawyer, just a career coach, or just a speaker. She’s all three. Spend one hour with her and you will learn the difference between Elise and other presenters.
  4. Energy and Personality. This is the icing on the cake. Have you every worried that your speaker will have good information but bore the audience to death? Worry no more. Elise is known for her ability to grab the audience’s attention from the very beginning.
  5. Implementation. Elise’s work for you need not end when the microphone turns off. She can provide follow-up group or individual coaching to help your attorneys take action and achieve results.
“Elise’s presentation was upbeat, engaging and informative! As an attorney with significant practice experience, her inspirational and motivational message, together with practical success tips our attorneys can use right now, was a perfect combination. I enthusiastically recommend Elise as a speaker.”
Christina Hardman-O’Neal, Esq., New Jersey State Bar Association,
Chair, Section on Women in the Profession