Time Management Doesn’t Work

What are you doing with your time? If you’re like most lawyers: You’re spending it, tracking it, billing it, prioritizing it, bemoaning it, and trying to wrest it into submission. You’re always on the lookout for time management techniques on the theory that there must be something else you can do to be more efficient. […]

What Your Billable Hours Aren’t Telling You

Ask a group of private practice lawyers for a list of their pet peeves and, before long, the subject of billable hours will inevitably arise.  For most lawyers, even many who work on contingency cases and flat-fee matters, billing time is considered a necessary evil. Even if you religiously track time spent on your client […]

6 Time Management Tips for Busy Lawyers

When’s the last time you heard yourself say that you’re overloaded, crazed, or running around like a chicken without a head trying to get everything done? If you’re like many attorneys, you’ve probably declared something similar very recently.   Twenty-four hours per day just doesn’t feel like enough. Do any of these thoughts sound familiar? I […]